The Coin Grading Process


We carefully log in and store your coins in our climate controlled vault before the coin grading process begins.


Your coins are graded (by 3 graders using the consensus grading method) and assigned a label with the year, denomination, serial number, bar code and additional info such as varieties, Breen number etc. (Variety Verification: additional $5.00 per coin)


Coins with one minor detraction or problem will be graded noting the detraction or problem. Coins that have more than one detraction or problem with be graded with a details grade (Det) with the problems noted on the holder. Counterfeit/Non-genuine coins will not be certified in a holder by NTC, however grading fees will still apply. These coins will be returned in a non PVC flip labeled as non genuine. 



Your coins go to a special dust free room to be encapsulated and checked by quality control.


Your Coins will be shipped back to you securely and fully insured.

   Shipping Address:


P.O. BOX 14832

Surfside Beach, SC 29587


   Telephone:  (Toll Free):

1-855- NTC-COIN (1-855-682-2646)



 Business Hours: 
10:00am-5:00pm EST (M-F)



We accept the following for payment:


We also accept Money Orders and Checks

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for credit card payments.







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