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We are a premier coin grading service that prides itself on conservative and accurate grading. Our mission is to take the uncertainty out of third party grading by providing reliable and consistent grades based on current industry standards for the numismatic community. NTC has set industry-wide standards in the following key areas:

“Providing reliable and trustworthy grades for all coins”

At NTC, Our objective is to provide accurate and consistent coin grading. First off, our team of professional coin graders inspect all coins from a submission. Then, a grade is assigned based on a consensus to ensure consistency and accuracy. Each grader specializes in a particular field of expertise- from modern coins to gold, silver, copper, and varieties. Our graders are among the most experienced in the industry with a minimum of 30 years of experience to over 50 years of experience, having handled almost every U.S. coin listed in The Red Book.

"Attractive and secure holders."

At NTC, we have designed our holders to provide tamper-evident and tamper-proof security. Our team has designed one of the most attractive and durable holders in the coin market. Our holders have undergone a rigorous development process with every structural and design element having been meticulously tested. 

New NTC Gold Label Pic1

First, we chose a simple but high-tech insert to complement and bring out all the beauty each coin has to offer. The inserts are made of a non-PVC material that will not react with the coin metal or cause changes in color. Next, our specially engineered clear acrylic resin case offers impact-resistant strength which is much stronger than general purpose acrylic resins, making it one of the most durable holders on the market. In addition, it has imbedded ultra violet protection to shield the coin from toning. Our labels are bar coded and serial numbered to prevent counterfeits or duplicates, as well as facilitating inventory management. Finally, we added a tamper-evident hologram sticker for added security and to ensure the authenticity of our product.

"Open access to all."

Our services are not limited to the professionals. There is no mandatory club to join or membership dues. You do not have to be a dealer or submit your coins through a dealer to receive world-class grading of your coin assets. Anyone can submit coins directly to NTC with total confidence using our online submission form. You will receive dependable turn- around times on all of our services combined with prompt, courteous customer support.

NTC Certification Search

All coin graded by the New NTC starting May1, 2013 bearing the new NTC hologram on the back on the holder can be searched and verified on the  NTC certification search on the home page.

NTC Holders that do not have the new green NTC Green globe hologram on the back of the holder can not be searched through our database. We do not have the records from the previous company to verify these holders.



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