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Contact us to set up a custom service agreement to meet your bulk grading needs. Please call us for detailed information on our bulk submission services or to discuss any of our other services.

Custom Services:
We offer custom private labeling services. Whether you are a marquis dealer trying to promote your company or an enthusiastic collector wishing to personalize holders for your collection, contact us to discuss designing a custom private label for your coins and tokens.
NTC now grades most world coins dated from 1600 & later. Some larger size coins are not able to be accommodated. Please inquire for details and specials! *Please add an additional $5/coin for any service level for all coins of China, India & Russia submitted for certification.
Although the New NTC has made great strides in providing excellent customer service and consistent grading, we are currently not an approved eBay grading company. We are making great strides to become an approved service on eBay.
Here are a few strategies that we recommend using when selling on eBay in order to remain compliant with listing policies:
1. NTC supports the Facebook group  "All Things Certified +" which allows coins from the New NTC to be sold freely in the group. We encourage you to join and support this group.
2. List your coins as "Housed in the New NTC holder. eBay will not allow the listing to state a coin was “certified “ by NTC. EBay has also been known to pull listings that display the entire slab in the primary listing photo. We recommend taking a close up photo of both sides of the coin, then as a third and fourth photo display the complete coin in the NTC holder.

3. EBay does not permit a numerical grade to be posted in a listing unless the item has been certified by an “approved” grading service. Therefore, if a coin is graded MS60 or higher by the New NTC, you can't list a numerical grade, but you can say "BU, Choice BU, Choice-Gem BU, Gem BU, Superb Gem BU etc. Accordingly, coins graded PR60 or higher should be listed as Proof, Choice Proof, Choice-Gem Proof, Gem Proof. Circulated coins should also only have a letter grade Ex: Good, Good+, VG, VG+, Fine, Fine+, VF, VF+, XF, XF+, AU, Select AU, Choice AU, Slider UNC, etc.

4. Inform customers that the coin or token listed can be verified on the New NTC website Search feature.

5. If the coin has any defects or imperfections be sure to list those as well for honesty and accuracy  
We encourage you to look into alternative auction sites to list and sell your NTC coins as well. The following are examples of websites you utilize to sell NTC coins on: Auction,,,,,,,, & Facebook Coin Selling Groups.

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